Moods Display

Moduleo Moods Display

Moduleo Moods provides a truly unique opportunity to express creativity.  There are 110 different patterns from “mild to wild”.  It is made in Belgium in a very environmentally responsible manner.  It will provide years of beauty and performance in nearly any application.

  • 24″ W x 62″ D x 44″ T
  • With a sampling of the patterns available and complimented with a comprehensive book which displays the complete range of the collection, this small footprint display provides great visualization of this unique product.
  • Attractive price point for this added-value collection that utilizes premium product
  • This display coordinates with the Moduleo Impress, Embellish and Select & Transform display units; it also co-ordinates with other Stevens Omni display units including our Kronotext Display and Area Rug Slider.

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