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Advanced 3902 RS

Kronotex Advanced

Quality and style don’t always mean a big price tag.  ADVANCED offers many value-added advantages, including a range of beautiful decors, in-register embossing and a painted four-sided V-groove (V4) that combine to mimic authentic hardwood.  The sturdy 5G locking system ensures installation is a breeze, and with an AC4 wear rating, a 25-year limited residential warranty, and a 3-year limited commercial warranty, ADVANCED can be installed in any residential, and even light commercial setting.

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Amazon 4754 (2)

Kronotex Amazone

The grace of the slender line – this is how the AMAZONE collection could be aptly characterized. Combining conventional beauty with fashion-forward style, AMAZONE lends that special something to every room.  Boards that are narrow, and draw the eye lengthwise, creating a particularly graceful look; and with its sophisticated patterns and hues, design possibilities are endless.  Coupled with the industry’s strongest AC5 wear rating, an impressive 30-year residential / 5-year commercial warranty, the robust 5G locking system, and the new Moisture Guard core, AMAZONE will transform your home.

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Chalet M1002 RS

Kronotex Chalet

With rustic sophistication, CHALET offers warm hues and wide planks that would lend itself to an urban condo as much as it would a mountainous retreat. Our CHALET laminate flooring is incredibly durable and with its strong 5G locking system, AC5 wear layer, Moisture Guard core, 30-year residential/5-year commercial warranty, CHALET is the perfect choice, not only for active households but for commercial applications as well.

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Evolution 3901 RS


Offering stylish decors that mimic the subtle nuances of solid oak hardwood, EVOLUTION is comfortable underfoot, easy to install, easy to maintain and backed by a limited 25-year residential/3-year commercial warranty.  With its high-density, 12mm thick core, a remarkable AC4 wear layer and the robust 5G locking system, EVOLUTION is a sturdy, resilient and pocket-friendly solution to all of your flooring needs.

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Exquisit 3070 RS

Kronotex Exquisit

The plank floor – a real classic that simply never loses its appeal.  With our EXQUISIT collection, you can bring this charm of authentic plank flooring into your own home – coupled with the many advantages of a modern and high-quality laminate floor.  With so many value-added advantages that include the robust 5G locking system, in-register embossing and a limited 25-year residential / 3-year commercial warranty, EXQUISIT is an easy choice – easy to install, easy to maintain, budget-friendly, and beautiful.

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Exquisit Plus 3572 RS

Kronotex Exquisit Plus

With the EXQUISIT PLUS collection, you can easily create a feel-good atmosphere.  The extra-wide panels in stunning natural wood grain patterns invite you to create an ambiance of elegance and style. With the robust 5G locking system, a precisely milled V-groove and impressive AC4 rating, this budget-friendly collection offers a 25-year limited residential and a 3-year limited commercial warranty providing peace of mind for years to come.

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Mammut 4797 2

Kronotex Mammut

Anyone who appreciates the un-mistakeable, natural-looking appearance of oak planks and, at the same time, wants maximum load-bearing capacity, will find that MAMMUT meets both requirements. Regarded as one of the top products in the laminate flooring category, MAMMUT, which offers the robust 5G locking system, extra-long panels, an AC5 wear rating, a sturdy 12mm thickness, and the new Moisture Guard Core, is truly unique. Like all Kronotex by Stevens Omni laminate collections, great importance is attached to sustainability and offering a 30-year residential warranty as well as a 5-year commercial warranty, MAMMUT is well suited for use in traditional households and modern commercial settings alike.

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Mammut Plus 4792 (2)

Kronotex Mammut Plus

With its extra-wide and extra-long panels, MAMMUT PLUS is particularly suitable for larger rooms, but will make itself at home in any space, large or small.  With six stylish decors that emulate the beautiful looks and warmth of authentic hardwood, MAMMUT PLUS combines urban elegance with the nonchalant air of a loft apartment. Featuring an industry-leading AC5 wear layer, the robust 5G locking system and Moisture Guard Core; and offering a limited residential warranty of 30 years, as well as a limited commercial warranty of five years, MAMMUT PLUS is a great choice for both style and performance.

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Robusto 3592 (2)

Kronotex Robusto

As its name implies, ROBUSTO is sturdy in construction; able to withstand adverse conditions; durable, tough, resilient, powerful, solid, hardwearing and long-lasting.  With its high-density, 12mm thick core with Moisture Guard, an AC5 wear layer and the 5G click system that was developed to hold up under the highest pressure, ROBUSTO will meet all expectations of performance while offering a handsome array of decors and backed by a 30-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty.

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Blue Line Unit Black HG V4 with logo

Blue Line Uni

Perfect for brightening performances! For modern living areas design, commercial interior spaces, retail or trade show use. Bluline Uni impress and attracts attention everywhere it goes. Great colour effects with unique gloss suit modern as well as classical interior.

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Colorita with logo


Individuality meets creativity with Colorita. Available in 190 standard colours in high gloss or super matte finishes, the choice is yours and the selection is vast. Let your creativity flow… (Note: not all colours are stocked in Canada).

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Quadro with logo



Big Squared tiles are trendy. Warm colored concrete design, black or white high gloss or matt surface which can be installed in chess pattern – the new Quadro series opens completely new ideas in room design – and the installation is a child’s play.

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Woods with logo



The natural look of selected wood designs is boosted by the brightening effect of the high gloss surface. Perfect for living areas and light to medium use commercial areas. The collection contains trendy decors as well as a classical design. Because of the high gloss surface, each pattern has more high contrast and achieves a deep colour at the same time.

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Stone with logo

Stone 2.0


A classical tile look spoils the eyes, the feet stay warm – contrary to tiled floors – comfortably warm. A high gloss floor – as authentic as natural stone.

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Max with logo



A unique format has been created. The overall impression looks imposing and very quiet since there are only a few grooves.
These large panels are laid quick and easy.

By the way: MAX can be combined with our Quadro series.

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Quadraic with logo



Inspired by colourful mediterranean tiles and discreet earth colours the product range Quadraic gives your rooms a new identity in a blink.

The floor which makes fun – don‘t be shy !

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